AJI names top enemies of Indonesian press

alerts-button-1.jpgIndonesia’s Alliance of Independent Journalists has just released a list of the country’s top ‘Enemies of the Press’. No.1 on the list: Mob violence and thuggery. AJI also named the capital city of Jakarta as the most dangerous place for Indonesian journalists.

In a report titled, ‘Enemies of the Press 2006′, the independent press advocacy group said that for the period between August 2005 and August 2006, 23 cases of violence against the press were committed by the mobs and thugs instigated and employed by various parties and sectors. The government apparatus (district heads, regents, governors, ministerial staff, etc.) were next, with 14 cases, followed by the police at third place, with eight cases.

AJI recorded a total of 64 cases of violence against the press and journalists across the country.

The most dangerous provinces/cities for the media and journalists were Jakarta (13 cases of violence), East Java (8 cases), and Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (8 cases).

AJI condemned all forms of violence against media and journalists, regardless of the ethnicity, groups and religion involved.

It also urged the Indonesian community and the government to understand and respect the protection afforded to the journalistic profession by the 1945 Constitution and the Press Law No. 40/1999.

“All parties should use their right to counter, make corrections and file complaints with the Press Council or existing journalists’ organizations, or use the legal process, without aiming at criminalizing the profession of journalists,” AJI said.


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