Philippine anti-terror law threatens civil liberties

The Human Security Act, a new law in the Philippines that allows arbitrary use of state machinery to fight terror, seriously undermines the country’s constitutional protection for civil liberties, argues Florin T. Hilbayin in a commentary published on the on 15 July 2007.

Hilbay, a law professor at the University of the Philippines, outlines the dangerous implications of the law that criminalises the sowing and creation of “widespread and extraordinary fear and panic among the populace, in order to coerce the government to give in to the unlawful demand”.

Among others, in allowing punishment for “conspiracy to commit terrorism”, the law can be easily abused to curb dissenting speech. As well, a new tool – the warrant of surveillance – which allows the authorities to spy on terror suspects based on their mere hunch, is a clear infringement of privacy.

Read Hilbay’s objections in full here.


One Response to Philippine anti-terror law threatens civil liberties

  1. gutangga says:

    This is the only thread open about Philippine press. Regarding Rob Alampay’s Ten Outstanding Young Men Award, I blogged this on the Inquirer online website.

    “Of all locations, Malacanang has to be the venue to “award” the TOYM to Roby Alampay. He surely deserves it, but why give an award to a man whose thirty (30) or so colleagues Malacanang could not protect?

    I say BOYCOTT Malacanang and Arroyo and give the award somewhere else. I think it’s better to have the awarding done in Megamall than Malacanang.

    Award for Human Rights in Malacanang? You have to be jerking me off?

    BOYCOTT Malacanang for their incompetence!”

    Please help spread the word. HELP STOP THE KILLINGS IN THE PHILIPPINES!

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