Clueless Malaysian police behind arrest of blogger

Malaysian opposition activist Nathaniel Tan, who was arrested for a comment on his blog left by an anonymous visitor (see SEAPA alerts of 18 and 16 July 2007), shares a disconcerting revelation upon his release:

“The fact that I appear to be the best suspect they could arrest in relation to this case indicates that the police do not understand how the Internet works, and are at a complete loss as to how to handle true cyber crime .  .  . [and] portend[s] badly for Malaysia’s ability to deal with true cyber crime.”

Aside from displaying an appalling lack of adherence to proper police procedures, Tan noted, “[t]he government and police appear to be sending a signal that while irresponsible bloggers roam free, responsible bloggers who moderate their comments and put a name to their writing are more likely to end up as targets. This policy could not possibly be more ill formed and counterproductive”.

See Tan’s statement in full.


One Response to Clueless Malaysian police behind arrest of blogger

  1. joehancl says:

    What Tan says is right on. Sadly the shameless monkeys in the Malaysian govt. cannot hear the loud laugh down south right up to the north.

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